Put A Spring In Your Step Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Put a Spring in Your Step Shelter Challenge! We've seen a lot of amazing puppy and kitty pics, read some incredible stories, and are looking forward to more. Information about the next Shelter Challenge will be coming to your inbox soon - keep your eyes peeled!

For a complete list of winners head on over to The Animal Rescue Site!
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Power of the Paw won 1st place regional for the state of Idaho but has not yet received its check.
Posted on 5/2/16 9:27 AM.
It's a small gesture to take a few minutes each morning to help the various greater good causes.
Posted on 5/25/16 3:45 AM.
Posted on 8/3/16 5:58 AM.
Posted on 8/8/16 8:18 AM in reply to hakim hakim.

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