Despite Her Own Health Problems, This 83-Year-Old Woman Devotes All Of Her Time To An Abandoned Dog

Tut, a pit bull/brinder mix, was reportedly left behind by his owners after they were evicted. Although he was now without a family, he has since found someone to love and care for him in the meantime. 83-year-old Ginger Lucas is suffering from osteoporosis, but still makes it a priority to care for Tut.

“I treat the animals like if I was a dog, how I’d want to be treated,” Lucas told ABC Action News.

Lucas has been feeding Tut and has even built him a doghouse.

“Sometimes he’ll pull my skirt and he’ll want me to scratch him,” she said. “And he’s always kissing me.”

If it weren’t for Lucas, Tut may not have been able to fend for himself for that long on the streets. Since Lucas’ condition is worsening, she is trying to find Tut a furever home with people who will shower him with as much love as she does.

“I am going to be sad when he goes, but I can’t keep him,” Lucas told ABC, fighting back tears.

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If I had a big house, and a big back yard, and I knew that he got along with other dogs, I would take him in.
Posted on 2/20/17 5:05 AM.

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