Having Your Own Account Gives You More Information - And More Free-For-You Donations!

This is the "default picture" that appears on every registered shelter and rescue group page. The neat thing about the new Challenge is that once groups are registered (and remember to write down their password some place safe!), they can go in and change this to anything that they want. Show off a kitten or puppy waiting for adoption. Make your own cute vote reminder. Tell people something about your group.

For people who registered individual accounts, starting today you'll be able to see a "quick link" to the group that you are voting for. Look in top right corner of the page after you log in. Also, starting today, you will see how many votes you cast and the number of consecutive days counted. You have to be logged in to see this feature. Votes cast when you are not logged in won't show up and this is your total, not the entire total for your group.

Want even more reasons to create an account? Right now, every new individual account created triggers an extra donation from the Challenge sponsors. Yes, if you create an account, they donate more meals for shelters and rescue groups. You can set up an account here


Are you looking to register a group? Remember you need to use the group's official email -- or the one that you want to be the group's official email for Shelter Challenges - when you do that. Learn more here.

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