How To Recruit


The Shelter Challenge has a new category in 2013: prizes for top recruits for that week.*  This is a new function made possible by the changes at


Here's how you can recruit friends to vote for your favorite group:


  •  Sign into your account at
  •  Open "Your Totals & Rewards." (it appears under the SIGN OUT after you SIGN IN).

  •  Click the big purple "Recruit" button in the top section.
  •  Select a recruiting method such as Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  •  Sign in to Facebook, Twitter or your email account at this stage if necessary.
  •  For emails, make sure you're not signed into a separate or work account as well (or the mail system may default to using that email).
  •  Edit and personalize email or post as desired.
  •  Send or post your call to action!

When people sign up following your link, then you  are credited for recruiting that person for your team.




*Like Weekly Winners, an organization can only win a Top Recruiter prize once during a Shelter Challenge round. Which means each week, a new group will take home the prize.


Got a question about how the Shelter Challenge works?  Check the FAQ Page.

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When I log in, I can see the recruit button, but when it click it, I get no options! Please Help.
+10 (10 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 5:32 AM.
When I click the purple RECRUIT button, it showed the icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Email. I'm using Firefox.
+2 (4 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 6:35 AM.
I can't even see the recruit button. I would like to recruit for my shelter. Help!!!
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 7:12 AM.
I can't even see the recruit button. I would like to recruit for my shelter. Help!!!
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 7:12 AM.
I used the recruit button and sent an e-mail to two people. Both signed up and voted for my shelter, but the system does not show I recruited anyone.
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 7:23 AM.
It would be nice to know how many recruits the winners recruited!
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 7:24 AM.
I believe they have to register under your link, not just vote. I only show one recruit as she is the only one that "registered" before voting. My other voting friends are not showing up as being recruits. emoticon
Posted on 8/28/13 8:20 AM in reply to Tonia Rachel.
to those not seeing the recruit options, it does NOT work in Safari (MAC), but does in Firefox or Google. Hope that helps
+1 (3 Votes)
Posted on 8/28/13 10:20 AM.
I'm confused... Is the prize given to the individual who recruits the most members during the week, or to the shelter who has most new recruits during the week?
Posted on 8/28/13 10:43 AM.
I am following the directions for recruiting and when I hit the purple "Recruit" button, it simply says "recruit via:" and does not give me options. I signed into my facebook account and tried and it does the same thing. I would really like to recruit for my shelter!
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 8/29/13 5:54 AM.
Posted on 8/29/13 7:53 AM.
I can't even fine the "vote" button today.
Posted on 8/29/13 8:02 AM in reply to Amanda Herrng.
I'm having the same problem
Posted on 8/29/13 11:03 AM in reply to Tonia Rachel.
Look for totals and rewards click it then you see recruit
Posted on 8/29/13 2:45 PM in reply to Lanelle Mathis.
Still not able to vote in shelter challenge, I've tried everything.. please help.. I'm all signed in and ready to go.. and when I click on a vote button a red exclamation point comes up and nothing happens? I've been at least two weeks trying to vote. Hope someone has ideas for me to try :"(
Posted on 9/2/13 1:05 AM.
I do select recruit and share on Facebook and Twitter daily, but my recruits are not reflected in my totals. I show 0 recruits, which is not accurate.

Posted on 9/2/13 5:33 AM.
Does anyone know who we can email to fix these issues with voting and recruiting. It's getting frustrating to work with and to have the votes improperly tallied. If anyone knows please email me I would appreciate it greatly.
Posted on 9/2/13 10:55 AM.
If you click on the facebook button, it will send a link to your wall letting everyone on your facebook know about how u need their votes. It's up to them to click on the link to vote.
Posted on 9/3/13 6:35 AM in reply to Georgia Brown.
I can't get anything to work with this newly re-designed shelter challenge. Have to do a search everyday and if by some chance that works, then it won't let me vote for anyone. It needs to go back to the way it was. Simple and easy to vote.
Posted on 9/5/13 6:16 AM.
Do we only get credit for recruits when someone follows the link we post or send? I was just wondering because I still am not showing any recruits and I share it on Facebook and Twitter everyday after I vote. Thanks!
Posted on 9/5/13 9:19 AM.

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