New Challenge Launches In June

Are you ready to DOGGY PADDLEThe Animal Rescue Site’s popular Shelter Challenge relaunched in June with a completely new look and feel driven by user suggestions and comments.  Now organizations and their supporters can have greater control over how their group or shelter is presented and sharing their “voting page” at the Challenge.

In the new Challenge, anyone can create their own account page and use it to remember what group they are voting for. They can also share this information more easily with friends via social media groups such as Facebook and Twitter.

Shelters and rescue groups can also create their own pages, with more information about their group, through the “Shelter Registration” page. Any organization with a valid Tax ID (501c3, Municipal Shelter EIN, and international equivalent only) ca
n create a page now and win Challenge grants.

To test the new Challenge website, The Animal Rescue Site is sponsoring a short “Doggy Paddle” Challenge lasting only two weeks (June 5 to June 18). Five $1,000 grants will be awarded to the top five vote-getters.  Participants can use this Challenge to “get their paws wet” as administrators put it and give feed back on the new features. Winners of the grants will be announced on June 21.

Once this test is completed, a longer, larger Challenge will be launched. Registered users will receive first notification of this and more exciting features to come.

One of the most popular activities on The Animal Site since 2008, the Challenge has given away more than $1.3 million to rescue groups and shelters in all fifty states, Canada, Costa Rica, and parts of the Caribbean. For years, users have been asking for even better ways to help voters find their shelter.

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how do I share this "shelter challenge" on my Facebook page? I'd like to get started..<3
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 6/5/13 4:15 PM.
I'm having issues with the site with IE 10. I click the "Doggy Paddle" link and it turns into a tiny window with a side tool bar that doesn't really scroll to anything. The site works fine with Chrome, however, my daily go to Browser is IE 10 because of work.
Posted on 6/6/13 1:59 AM.
You can donate food for the animals at this site. You click the bar for free food and a sponser donates food. Love this site I go there every day.
Posted on 6/6/13 6:24 AM.
Cannot stay on homepage to fill things in. What to do?
Posted on 6/6/13 2:38 PM.
I'm having trouble too . . . Please help . . .
Posted on 6/7/13 4:57 AM.
How do I get started?
Posted on 6/7/13 5:46 AM.
I'm having trouble staying on home page, too., making it difficult to get over to FACEBOOK.
Posted on 6/7/13 9:09 AM in reply to Bobbie Baum.
It's not working in Firefox either!
Posted on 6/7/13 9:36 AM.
I am not able to vote on this new challenge.
Posted on 6/7/13 10:26 AM.
I cannot share this page on FB. I am not able to participate
+2 (2 Votes)
Posted on 6/7/13 12:27 PM.
I found my shelter but can't find how to vote. Please Advise.
Posted on 6/8/13 12:21 AM.
Help!!! I have tried everything and cannot vote. Nothing seems to work!!!
Posted on 6/9/13 8:43 AM.
How to I edit mai profile when the pagie disappears before I can put in a piccie???
Posted on 6/10/13 10:15 AM.
I am having difficulty with the site. It doesn't seem to be loading correctly and although I have created an account it doesn't seem to be working correctly.
Posted on 6/13/13 9:34 AM.
It was difficult to find my shelter to vote for it. Had to go thru a very long,long list of shelters. I don't know if people are going to go thru that long tedious process to select their shelter. Your previous shelter site was fine. Why the change?
Posted on 6/14/13 1:41 PM.
I can't stay on my home page when I click on it. I can view it for a second or two and then it switches right back to my shelter's page. I've gotten around it only a couple times by copying the home address then pasting it back in the navigation tool bar from an off-site location. Weird how that works... sometimes any how! It's really frustrating because I haven't been able to recruit anyone because I need to access the link on my home page.
+3 (3 Votes)
Posted on 6/17/13 3:02 PM.
Do not like this new site. Very difficult to get to from main site, and then cannot find where to vote easily. Please help. We really want to help our shelters.
Posted on 6/19/13 2:38 PM.
Canno get anything to work
Posted on 6/21/13 4:41 AM.
Cannot get anything to work on voting
Posted on 6/21/13 4:41 AM.
I don't know what you did to this site but I have to go to browser to even donate daily food
Posted on 6/27/13 1:11 AM.

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