Pet Beds And Vaccinations On The Way!

In May, 111 groups won pet beds like the ones shown here and 51 groups won vaccinations during the first voting round of the 2013 Shelter Challenge.


Petfinder Foundation has been working with these 162 organizations to verify shipping addresses, vaccination needs, and other information necessary to send out these prizes. It's been quite the task, since many organizations  had old addresses or contact e-mail information in their files.


The Foundation now has all the information that they need (except for the "missing" winners listed below) and are beginning shipments of pet beds and vaccinations at the end of the month. Groups should see their prizes arriving in August.  We look forward to seeing reports from them about how these gifts have been used and will be sharing them here.


To help us speed up the award of prizes in the future, be sure that your organization has a current address and contact email on file.


If your organization won pet beds or vaccinations in May and has any questions about the delivery of these prizes, feel free to contact Brody Anderson at the Petfinder Foundation,, for an update.



Ten organizations have failed to respond to repeated requests from  Petfinder Foundation for their shipping address. If you're from Detroit Dog Rescue, Chance's Haven, Eleanon Sonsini Animal Shelter, Pet Paw-See, Heaven Can Wait Animal Sanctuary, Adopt-A-Boxer Rescue, Little Victories Animal Rescue, NCHS - Newnan Coweta Humane Society, Joey's Feline Friends, or Waldo's Muttley Crew, contact Brody Anderson today at Petfinder Foundation. He's waiting to hear from you so he can ship out your beds! You can reach Brody Anderson at the Petfinder Foundation by emailing



Remember, it is the responsibility of shelters and rescue groups to provide up-to-date addresses, contact emails, 501c3 information, and other information if requested by Petfinder Foundation or Failure to do so can result in delayed prizes or disqualification.

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