Put A Spring In Your Step!

Time to gear up for our first Shelter Challenge contest of 2016, Put A Spring In Your Step! We’ll be running this contest from March 7 to April 10 and giving out $100,000 worth of prizes! If your favorite shelter isn’t signed up yet, be sure to have them do so before March 7!

We’ll also be running two story contests. Shelters, submit your best, most heartwarming story from either March 7 to 13 or March 21 to 27 for a chance to win a $1,000 grant!


Good luck everyone!

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Am so glad to see you are beginning a New Challenge, I have been checking for over two months. Do hope some of the smaller shelters get something rather than only the bigger ones getting it all. Seems like I thought I read that they could only win once, rather than one taking all, which appears to have happened in the last Challenge. Know our County Shelter is a small one but they do a great job, and would like to see them get some sort of consideration. Thanks for all you do, I am sure it is not an easy task.
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Posted on 3/5/16 12:00 PM.
I agree Linda, seems there are only a few shelters getting the benefits of the large prizes. Perhaps a revamp of the rules would be good? Winning once in any category in a year's time as opposed to a calendar year? For now with the new year, as I understand it, all the big shelters (and those with huge numbers of backers--not to say that is not good) are in the running again. Leaves us little guys with no chance whatsoever to get a monetary prize...jus sayn. Thanks for listening.
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Posted on 3/6/16 8:32 PM.
Sadly there is little change to the rules, so it will be almost impossible for smaller shelters to win. Incredibly disappointed. I will no longer beg or cajole people to vote in the shelter challenge as it only means defeat. I will, however, continue to vote just to get a meal donated for voting so many consecutive days.

There is also mention of a weekly non-monetary prize in the WEEKLY prize rules for he PHOTO contest. I presume this is in error, as there is no mention of a PHOTO contest, plus it would be impossible to submit and vote in a week on a PHOTO contest. Please correct the rules for he WEEKLY contest.
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Posted on 3/7/16 2:53 AM.
right, [heavy sigh]. 25 cat beds are nice, if you are able to get in the top few, but $250 would be better. For a small shelter the money to spend on a few beds and the rest for something else needed, like a vet bill, would be shelter has given up participating as the same shelters seem to win over and over.
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Posted on 3/7/16 6:08 PM.
Posted on 4/15/16 6:12 AM in reply to Darlene Pietrzak.

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