Put A Spring In Your Step Is Here!

Yay! Today is the day: the Put A Spring In Your Step contest has begun! Get your clicking fingers ready to vote, everyone! The contests ends April 10.


Shelters: don't forget to send in your awesome stories by Sunday, March 13! We'll be running two story contests this time, so you'll have another chance to submit starting on March 21, too.

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Thank you for the new contest. But I see that nothing has changed since the last one. Italian and german shelters are still in the US-list instead of the international - so no chance to get anything. One canadian shelter is in the US-list as well as the Canadian - so double chance to get some price. Would you please be so kind to explain these points? Maybe there is a reason for it and I can't see it? Thanks again!
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Posted on 3/9/16 5:16 AM.

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