Are you interested in participating in the Shelter+ Challenge?


It's your lucky day!  Submit your shelter using the tool below as a candidate for participation in the Shelter+ Challenge.  Your eligible rescue organization could win prizes that include monetary grants, vaccinations, and pet beds.  You may also see an increased interest in your rescue's needs as you and your constituents call on your community members to participate.  


How to enter your shelter:



Create an account with the official e-mail address of your shelter, and sign in.



Click "Shelter Registration" in the top navigation.

Click the purple button below that says "Add A Pet Shelter"

The purple button will not appear at the bottom of the page unless you have signed in first!



The following (required) fields will appear.

Please enter:

  • Full Shelter Name (please use standard capitalization and punctuation; this is what your supporters will see)

  • Shelter Address (if group has multiple addresses, use the mailing address)

  • City your shelter is located in

  • State (Province, etc) your shelter is located in, if applicable to your location

  • Country your shelter is located in

  • Zipcode if applicable to your location**

  • Phone number for shelter contact

  • Official email address for shelter representative. Be sure this matches exactly the email that you used to log-in. If you drop out a letter, cap letters, or misspell it, you will not be able to edit your page.

  • Your Tax ID for validation. If you are in the United States, this must be your 501c3 or Municipal Shelter EIN (no exceptions). Outside the United States, enter the international equivalent or the 501c3 information if you are also a U.S. nonprofit. If this field is left blank or contains incorrect information like an email or phone number, your registration will not be activated.

Click "Save." 


When your shelter is validated by*, your shelter page will automatically be generated. Once your shelter is approved for participation, you sign in using the shelter or rescue group email that you supplied to update the photo and description!


**If you are outside the United States and the database will not accept your postal code, enter 00000. We will email you for the correct postal code as part of the activation process.


Welcome to the Shelter+ Challenge!

Pet Shelter Admin

*Please Note:

Please Note:

Due to a systems glitch, nominees registered between 3/31 and 4/16 may not have been properly received.  If you think your shelter registration was sent during this time, please feel free to re-send your registration.  We will get you up and running as soon as we can.


~Shelter Challenge Admin

Shelter Registration & Accounts

Accounts are usually activated in ten business days. Until then you cannot see or edit your shelter or rescue group page. During an active Challenge period, we will try to activate faster. You will not receive notice of activation, so plan to check back often.


Please do not create multiple entries with different emails to "speed up" activation. This will actually slow the process down considerably with repeat entries to sort through and excess fraud checks.


Incomplete entries, entries missing Tax ID information, or entries with non-qualifying tax information will not be approved. No notification will be sent.  Please do not enter "501(c)3" into the Tax ID field; to be eligible, we need your official Tax ID number as recognized by the government.


Organizations based in the United States must show that they are an animal rescue group/shelter/sanctuary with a 501c3 status or that they are a municipal shelter. Please see the rules for further information.