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Your involvement is everything for your shelters - it's what has helped them win.  Thank you for participating, and congratulations to all shelters that participated. 


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About The Results Charts

Note:  The results charts are available on day 2 of each contest, and update on a regular basis.  Final results are audited and verified at the end of voting for each contest. 


First Place awards are not eligible for Regional prizes, and they are not visible  in the rankings for regional awards; they remain eligible for all other prizes.  Weekly winners during the current contest are also not eligible for Regional prizes.  Finally, first-place Regional winners are not eligible for the Regional prizes in the next consecutive Shelter Challenge during the calendar year.. 


More information about rules and eligibility can be found in the About Shelter Challenge section.

In Winter 2013 Shelter Challenge, regional prizes may not be won by weekly prize winners nor Summer 2013 Regional First Place winners (a complete list of Summer 2013 First Place winners is available here).


Due to vote audits, shelter eligibility, and personal browser caching, the organization you see at the top of the cart may not be the final winner announced.  Please check the rules for more details.