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Having trouble finding your shelter?

The fields listed above are intended to help filter your results - they are not required.  In fact, if you left them all empty, your search results would include every single registered shelter in the Shelter Challenge -- more than 5,000 groups! 


The most effective searches seem to include part of the name, the country, and the state or province if your group has a very common name like Humane Society. If your group has a very distinctive name, like Fat Puppy, then just entering Fat Puppy and the country where it is located may be enough.

For example, if searching for Fluffy's Famous Farm For Friendly Felines, in Felinesville, WA, 98101, in the United States, there's no need to type all that information in!  Just typing Fluffy into the Shelter Name field and selecting WA from the dropdown would suffice.

By the same token, if you wanted to see all of the other shelters in Felinesville, WA, just type in the city (Felinesville) and state (WA) and search.  It would list all of the shelters located in Felinesville in the search results.

(No, there isn't really a Fluffy's Famous Farm For Friendly Felines or a Felinesville in Washington state.  If there was, we'd probably move there, because cats are cool.)


Answers to Other Common Questions Can Be Found:


At the Shelter Registration page if a group wants to join the Shelter Challenge.  Note that registration must be done by an official representative of a shelter or rescue group. Read all the requirements carefully.


At the FAQ page if you want to know more about how to vote or how to deal with various new features in the Challenge website. Be sure to check out the tips for Internet Explorer users there too, including how to get rid of red !, system error statements, or other odd red boxes.


At Shelter Challenge News for the most recent winners and stories from past winners. We also post tips there on new features to help your shelter.



All voting for the Summer 2013 Shelter Challenge and the contests associated with it ends on October 13. - See more at:



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Voting in the Shelter Challenge begins on January 6, 2014, and runs through March 30, 2014.


If your group is not registered yet, you still have time to join. Learn more here.