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Noah's Arks Rescue 4084 Spring Island Rd Okatie , SC , 29909 United States
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THANKS for VOTING! Each time you vote, you give us the opportunity to win a number of useful prizes, including monetary grants to help Abused Animals. Please, share our Shelter Challenge page and also our main NAR page below so we can continue helping Abused Animals. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi
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userImage Kim Mathews
userImage sloan shell
userImage Amy Ray
userImage Nigel Webb
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userImage Kim Mathews 6
userImage sloan shell 5
userImage Amy Ray 5
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User Comments
userImage Laura Pe...
The challenge ended 11/23, they are tallying the votes 11-24-2014
userImage Julieann...
Anyone else having trouble voting today? I've voted many times before-I'm signed in...when I click on Noah's Arks, it shows the brief flash of 'Recruit' and then goes to an advertisement---no option to vote-I've tried signing out, option to vote. :( 11-24-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
On the right side of the webpage, under Sign Out, click on "Your Totals & Rewards" to see the Recruit button. Have never tried it; please let us know how you make out. Thank you for voting. 11-07-2014
userImage Polly Welch
How can I recruit? The button only shows up for a moment and then poof. I don't see the Recruit option on this page. :--( 11-07-2014
userImage Sherry Z...
Boo, still no luck, and yes, I am talking about the daily reminder to click. I will try the FB page. Thanks. 11-03-2014
userImage Boo Radleee
@Sheree Not sure what the problem is. You're talking about email reminders from the Animal Rescue site?? Maybe you could create another acct with an easily accessible email and see if things act normal?? 11-02-2014
userImage Sherry Z...
I have not received a daily reminder to vote since 10/19/14. I have subscribed dozens of times but the alerts have stopped coming. I have to go online to vote, and sometimes it seems my vote is lost or not counted because I vote everyday without fail, and yet my consecutive days of voting keeps resetting to 1. Something very strange here. I wonder if it has been hacked? 11-02-2014
userImage Boo Radleee
@Dianne Sharp--- Langley rescue is eligible for the grand prize this challenge because Kitten Rescue won the Summer 2014 contest. As noted below, the cat rescues seem to collude with one another and all vote for the appointed winner. Past grand prize winners have been Blind Cat, Purrfect Pals, Kitten Rescue. See a pattern? 11-02-2014
userImage Boo Radleee
It's been a week since there were reminders on the facebook page, and that seems to coincide with NAR's slipping in voting. Maybe LAPS has ramped up their voting, but I fear NAR followers need reminders. To be realistic, NAR lost the grand prize this week and will have to "settle" for a runner up prize at best. Still, that's $2000. 11-02-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
The group in 1st place has really jumped ahead of NAR these last two days. They may have gotten all of Canada to vote for them. Please reach out to your local rescue groups and ask if they will vote for NAR this rouind. Only 3.5 weeks left! Vote for each email addr and vote once before signing in, please. 10-30-2014
userImage Dianne S...
I am assuming since The Rules state Rescues can't win two in a row, our NAR Okatie will win First Place in this contest. Certainly hope so! I have voted every day and have friends voting, too. 10-30-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
The grand prize is awarded to the shelter with the most votes worldwide. NAR is an amazing #2 and rapidly gaining on #1. Then there are weekly prizes for the most votes (NAR should win week 2). At the end, there are prizes for groups that are at the top in their state, Canada, US Territories, etc. Click on "About Shelter Challenge" and then "Rules" which explains how it works. Everyone: please spread the word to vote once before you log in and then log into each account for each email address. 10-28-2014
userImage Susan An...
Sue Jackson, is Noah's Arks not #1 in the US? You are just below Langley Animal Protection Society, which is from Aldergrove, British Columbia Canada! You're # in your state, too. Why they don't have just the US is beyond me, since we have a Canadian category, also. You could contact admin and ask them. You guys are really doing phenominal! :) 10-28-2014
userImage jan whalan
For Maureen Martin, sorry for delay just noticed your message, I vote for Noah's Arks (with the s) Okatie.SC 29909 USA. that is their address. 10-25-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
What I'm doing is asking folks who support any of our local animal rescue groups to pull together and vote for NAR. I know that NAR has helped other groups like JARM and Maranatha Farm. Can anyone share the names of other rescue groups helped by NAR? If those groups have no chance to win for themselves, let's ask them to vote for NAR. #2 in the entire US is just phenomenal and #1 will be even better! 10-22-2014
userImage KIM RHODES
It seems if this is the case, that we need determine the next highest ranking shelter and have a "representative" get with them to combine and vote and try to beat them at their own game. The stories from Noah's Ark are amazing and they deserve to win! 10-22-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Jennifer tells me that the cat rescues team up and throw all their votes into the one that can win each time. Definitely learning how to recruit and pursuing that path would be wonderful. Also they often have story or picture prizes each contest. If there are NAR supporters who can pursue any of these prizes, it would be wonderful! 10-13-2014
userImage Bruce Ri...
Sue Jackson, 1st place has always seemed odd to me. I had never seen Kitten Rescue in previous challenges, but suddenly they're in 1st place. Similarly, Blind Cat & Purrfect Pals did well, but then disappear from subsequent challenges. (I realize grand prize winners aren't eligible next challenge, so incentive would be lacking.) I notice that Shelly Roche was Kitten Rescue's leading recruiter, so maybe individual effort could get NAR some well-deserved prize in the future?? 09-26-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
We are solidly in 2nd place this round with no chance of taking 1st place before this round ends Sunday midnight. Unfortunately, this round has no prize for 2nd place. This round we did win $500 as a weekly winner. Everyone: let's get set for the final round of the year! Recruit folks to get an account and vote. Due to the rule that a group cannot win more than one grand prize a year - this next and final round of 2014 is our chance to finally win BIG. 09-17-2014
userImage Jenna Re...
How close are we to taking over first? 09-15-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
We are real close to taking over 2nd place. Please vote every day. Vote before signing in to get an extra vote each day. Register every email address in your household and vote on each email address each and every day, please. 08-22-2014
userImage Maria Ti...
are we really in 3rd place? It seems to be our regular #. Do people know that each person can vote twice. You can vote once without signing in. then, sign in and vote again. Maybe this will help us reach FIRST place. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 08-14-2014
userImage Darlene ...
There are more people in LA, unfortunately. Bummer. 08-09-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
This is frustrating I bring 6 or more votes per day and we are still falling in percentage ... I wish they didn't do percentages I wish they would just put in the number of votes ... I guess we have to push harder. 08-04-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Hi Maureen, Please try this: Once you sign in, under the area where you see the Vote button, there should be a Search section of the webpage. In that section type in zip code 29909 and click search. The correct Noah's Arks should display along with a Vote button next to the name in the search results. Click that vote button. I expect there will then be a way to make this shelter your default. Please let us know how you make out and thank you for voting. 07-31-2014
userImage Maureen ...
I wanted to make your shelter my choice, but I wound up with "Noah's Ark" in Gainesville, Tx instead. I'm trying to switch but am having a tough time. Do you know how I can fix this? 07-30-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Hi Scott, great to hear that your vote was finally accepted. You might want to try to use a different browser and see if you get better response. I use Firefox and it usually has decent response time. All - remember that you can first vote before you sign in and that way get an extra vote each day. 07-23-2014
userImage Scott Ro...
It just went through...not sure why but it did work, YEAH!! 07-22-2014
userImage Scott Ro...
Sue, I just tried to vote again and nothing.....up above it has my name, votes, consecutive days voted, blah, blah, blah,.....It brings up NAR as my shelter of choice to vote for but it never responds or acknowledges when I actually vote..... 07-22-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Hi Scott, I'll try to help you. So when you sign onto the site, you get a section of the webpage that tells you Total Votes and Consecutive Days. What numbers do you see after these headings? The next line should be the VOTE button. What happens when you click on the button? Do the totals update? 07-22-2014
userImage Scott Ro...
I have voted many times and it still shows only one vote? And yes I signed-in prior to voting...... 07-21-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
Yay got my husband on board to vote. :) 06-02-2014
userImage Richard ...
I just realized that the comment I just posted was done while in my husband's site. My name is Suzanne Billings. Sorry about that. 05-08-2014
userImage Richard ...
i am sorry I am unable to vote any longer, the site won't let me in and multiple emails for help to both the shelter challenge site as well as directly to Noah's Ark Rescue as not been acknowledged. I do wish you luck and would vote every day if able. 05-08-2014
userImage Gitte Lø...
Voting daily with fingers crossed 05-05-2014
userImage Wendy Mogul
Voted!..hope you get it this time!..good luck! 05-03-2014
userImage April Hu...
March 30th was the last day of voting for this contest. 03-31-2014
userImage Allison ...
I couldn't vote today-- no vote box to click. What's up? 03-31-2014
userImage Gitte Lø...
What has happened to the purple vote box? 03-31-2014
userImage Chris Wa...
Thanks for answering my question about my total votes. Hope NAR wins! 03-11-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
My guess is that they adjusted the total vote count to just be for this contest where it used to carry the count from last year when they revamped their website. The 2014 contest we are in now started on 1/6. Including today, that equates to 64 days. My total vote count has been reset to 63 days, 18 consecutive. I know I missed voting one day. 03-10-2014
userImage Chris Wa...
My account showed well over 100 votes but now shows only 62. Did Noah's Arks lose those vanishing votes? 03-10-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
We're about to slip from 3rd place nationally to 4th place. Please vote every day: once before signing in and again on every account you've created for each email address in your family. 03-09-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Please remember to vote every day and encourage everyone you know to sign up on each of their email addresses to vote every day. We don't want to drop out of third place! Thank you for all you do to help the little furry ones entrusted in our care. 03-03-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
Great job winning the 3rd week weekly prize! 01-29-2014
userImage Deanna B...
It took me a minute to figure out how to share/recruit too. Just click on the purple box that says "Your Totals & Rewards" to find it. (mine is to the right of the page, under where it says 'sign out') Hope this helps everyone to recruit others to vote and to vote for Noah's Ark!!! 01-29-2014
userImage Feathers...
How do you recruit or where do you go to do it? I am stupid when it comes to computer..and no grand kids around to help... 01-26-2014
userImage John Rowan
Let's all do Jennifer proud...I've watching Noah's Arks for some time, and she's the absolute best...what she does to go above and beyond what anyone else would do makes my eyes kinda water...she and her folks and vets are absolutely incredible...and I love the updates...keep fighting the good fight, Jennifer...we all have to help with your furbabies...and don't forget to donate to 'em when ya can... 01-22-2014
userImage Sue Jackson
The slate is wiped clean with the first contest of the new year. Previous winners can win again in the new year. 01-20-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
I don't think those standings are this contest ... still has blind cat up there ... they won last one. What can we do to let them now about this....those stats are not correct ... they stayed the same the very first day I watched them when it started at midnight I wish they did # of votes and not percentages. 01-19-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
NAR does promote on facebook.... you can ask for a daily reminder ... sometimes on weekends I forget so the daily email helps. 01-18-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
I feel it difficult to recruit... most people don't want to join and do that rigmarol, just to vote....Just let people vote without doing all that garbage FFS 01-18-2014
userImage Richard ...
Hoping we get that winner this time. Both my husband and I are voting everyday. 01-17-2014
userImage Kent South
Someone from Noah's Ark really should be promoting this every single day on Facebook. I know the majority of people won't remember to do it but if they see it in the newsfeed they will vote. It's early in the competition and there is still time to catch up! Please promote daily on Facebook!! 01-11-2014
userImage George W...
In my opinion if a Shelter has won the top prize in that year they should be ineligible until next year, there are so many Shelters that cannot get the amount of votes needed to compete with the top vote getters. Its discouraging to see the same one now maybe two winning this time after time. 01-10-2014
userImage Kim Mathews
I think the first place shelter won at one time.....They should not allow these shelters to participate in the Grand Prize. Doesn't give others a chance to win. 12-21-2013
userImage Rex Warner
Yikes! The third place organization is rapidly catching up with Noah's Arks. Please make sure you don't miss voting everyday in every way possible and post reminders on all your social media. 12-09-2013
userImage Carol Ma...
Julieanne Reed, you were asking how to recruit. Here's a link: 11-25-2013
userImage Fifi Tri...
Things are going backwards. 2 weeks ago there was a 1.3% difference in the BCR and NA. Now there is a 2% difference. 11-23-2013
userImage Julieann...
I am signed in...I cannot find the way to 'recruit' other than post a link and ask my friends but that wouldn't be there a magic button somewhere? 11-18-2013
userImage Suzanne ...
I have recruited one friend but it isn't showing that I have. Is there anything I can do to change that? I can give you the name if that will help. I donate to my shelter each day (Noah's Ark Rescue). They are fantastic and I just want to do all I can to help. Suzanne Billings 11-06-2013
userImage Patricia...
To see results click on Current Standings Tab. NAR is in second place overall, first place in SC. Blind Cat Rescue is in its usual distant first place, probably because winner of summer challenge can't win the big prize again. 10-29-2013
userImage Steffany...
remember to create an account so you can vote twice 10-28-2013
userImage Gitte Lø...
Read the latest update on Freckles yesterday. If anyone deserves to win, it's you! 10-28-2013
userImage rebecca ...
I get the daily reminder which helps a lot! 09-18-2013
userImage Karen He...
I am voting every day, but having difficult time recruiting as I live in Ma. I know the good things you do at your shelter. 09-15-2013
userImage Lori And...
How can we see the rank? The site used to post the top 10 or so in a bar graph ... I can't find anything to compare except that your rank is 4. 09-11-2013
userImage Noelle B...
I'm voting every day.....I want that rank to go up!!!!!!! 09-11-2013
userImage John Rowan
Just want to let you know that I'm votin' every day...Li'l Lems & Riley would have a fit if I didn't...gotta get you folks to #1!!! 09-10-2013
userImage Corrie Metz
ok I just kept on hitting enter and finally it took it. Not sure what the issue is but now my vote is there. 09-08-2013
userImage Jennifer...
Lori...all of your votes have been counted. It just means that you have been voting without signing in which is not required. Jennifer 09-07-2013
userImage Lori And...
I vote every day but have not signed in until today. Does it count? That whole month of voting? Now that I've signed in, it says I've voted once. And how can I see the results? You used to post the top 10 or more in the state and overall. 09-07-2013

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