Shelter Administrator
Are you a shelter administrator interested in participating in the Shelter+ Challenge?

It's your lucky day! Submit your shelter using the tool below as a candidate for participation in the Shelter+ Challenge. Your shelter could win prizes, including monetary grants, vaccinations, and pet beds. In addition, attention to your shelter's needs will grow as you and your constituents call on your community members to participate.
If you are an official representative of your shelter, you will first need to create a Shelter Challenge account. (If you already have one, you're good to begin.) Then, log in, and follow the steps below!

What you need:
  • Your shelter's name, complete address, and tax identification (the Shelter+ Challenge accepts only registered 501c3 nonprofit organizations as candidates)
  • Your e-mail address, and confirmation that you are an approved shelter administrator.
  • Patience. :) Our partner,, reviews all applications on a regular basis and approves complete and eligible organizations once every week.

Welcome to the Shelter+ Challenge!

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