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Zipper is a Chinese Crested rescued from animal control. It has been suggested that he looks like several different celebrities. What do you think?
burn victim
Paolo came to us with severe chemical burns on his back. He grew up in drug lab. He was rescued and has healed nicely with just a small scar to...
Miracle Jack
This is Jack he was rescued along with 6 siblings along with their mom from my backyard the last week of June 2013. Their eyes were just opening...
Lucky Senior
Hi, my name is Mr. Gee. I was brought to Catnap with my brother because there were too many cats in the house. At the time, my brother Stanley...
Zoe, the feral puppy
Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles received a request from the Coachella Valley Shelter about taking three feral 6 month old puppies. ...
Kittens, Kittens, Kittens
Kitty Devore Rescue is a no-profit rescue focusing on the high kill shelter of Devore in Southern California. Recently Kitty Devore received a...
Picachu - the two time survivor!!
Picachu has quite the story, and I'll do my best to shrink it down a bit. Picachu is a truly remarkable boy! When he was a young kitty of only 2...
My name is Cobb Jayne Cobb
Hello I am Jayne Cobb of the Fire Fly litter rescued by Meowmy Shelly Roche. I grew strong under her loving and compassionate care. When It came...
Wild Flower
We first met Stella in April of 2011. She was a 6-month old Belgian Malinois, a rescue with an unknown past. Like unidentified blooms that start...
Abby is such a gentle soul. She was rescued from animal control. At first, she was afraid to go out and walk for fear she would be beaten. She had...
Macy Hits the Jackpot
I went to the rescue to walk the dogs who were not getting out of the kennels very often. The note board said Macy was not eating. I had not met...
Three Helpless Kittens
Nearly five years ago from today on May 8th, 2010, our lives changed forever due to an unexpected phone call around midnight pleading for help to...