Animals Cant Talk Rescue and Adoption Inc. 3325 Penn Estates East Stroudsburg , PA , 18301 United States
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We have a few cats that need extensive medical care. If you can find it in your heart to donate...that would be wonderful. We also need people to volunteer to clean at PetSmart. If you're interested, please call us! We would love to have you join our team. 570-242-2846 or email Thank you! And Thanks for voting!!
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userImage Kathy Miller
userImage Kathy Miller
userImage Grace Kennedy
userImage Naomi Gauntlett
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Doggy Paddle Grand 515
2013 Summer: $100,000 Shelter Challenge Grand 512
User Comments
userImage Kathy Mi...
Again it's working I have 11 votes in 4 days. I have voted 11 times in 11 days. What is up with this? Again my rescue is small and she never gets the votes she needs to win a prize. Something needs to be done to correct these count errors. 07-25-2014
userImage Kathy Mi...
I hope all my votes are getting counted. I have voted 65 times in 65 days it says 1 day and 64 votes. My rescue is small and needs all the votes it can get but it seems they aren't being counted properly AGAIN!!!!!! I have trouble with this voting system every new challenge. It was going well there for awhile then stopped working properly again. 06-29-2014

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