The Animal League of Green Valley 1600 W. Duval Mine Road Green Valley , AZ , 85614 United States
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By participating in the Shelter Challenge, you have the chance to help provide all of the animals you love and support through grants, pet supplies, and more! All you have to do is vote for us each day, and you can continue to help us find homes for animals in need! Thank you for all your support! 

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Team Members
userImage Kenneth Baggen
userImage ray rhein
userImage Robert Puttock
userImage Donna Cole
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Doggy Paddle Grand 79
2013 Summer: $100,000 Shelter Challenge Grand 120
User Comments
userImage Sandra S...
I sent an email on this yesterday but it's important enough to repeat. At the beginning of each State (AZ) contest there is one rescue group who jumps right to 20+%. It is as if their volunteers are all sitting at their computers waiting to log on and vote for Tranquility Trail. No sour grapes intended, but how do you go from 0-21% on the first day of the contest? Please answer. Thank you from many voters who have given up. Sandra Smith-Dunn 08-25-2015
userImage Betty Fi...
I also am trying to vote in the current shelter challenge and the website will not let me vote, I sent a previous email and have received no reply. 05-26-2015
userImage Jennifer...
still showing that I haven't voted. This is NOT a friendly site. Give up. 02-09-2015
userImage Jane Benton
I'm wanting to change my choice of shelter, how do I do this???? 12-19-2014
userImage Carol Wr...
For some reason, this year I can't seem to vote. I am registered and on the "Welcome" line, I click on The Animal League of Green Valley. Two boxes come up - one from the Animal League saying thank you for checking us out and another with a kitty & doggie that says Vote for Us (Please). I keep trying to click on that box but nothing happens. PLEASE HELP! Thanks a bunch! 11-29-2014
userImage Sandra S...
Yes NJ Searcy, I have a miscount of consecutive days. I also have a horrible time trying to get my vote to take. I just keep banging at the "vote" box until it takes. Sandy 11-03-2014
userImage NJ Searcy
Anyone else experience a miscount in consecutive days? 10-30-2014
userImage Robert P...
I figured out how to get to your shelter of choice. If you have registered on the site, log in with your login and password. Then just below the top banner will be the "Welcome" and your name. Follow that line over to the right and click on the link to Animal League of Green Valley. Click on that link and the next page will give you a "Vote" button. You might have to scroll down a bit. Click on the vote button and your vote counts. Don't forget to sign out. 11-18-2013
userImage Carol Ha...
Ditto what Robert said. 11-05-2013
userImage Robert P...
Please add capability to get daily reminder email. And please make it user friendly so that we don't have to keep searching for our shelter to vote. 11-02-2013

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