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Welcome, and thanks for checking us out! Each time you vote, you give RezQ Dogs the opportunity to win a number of useful prizes, including monetary grants to help animals. You can also join to help spread the word about the good work that this and other shelters are doing to help and rescue animals in need. Please help us help them by voting for RezQ Dogs every day!
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userImage Laurel E...
August 2014 they are flooded out again! And they are still taking in animals and shuttling them all to fosters. I took 6 puppies today, my friend took 11 yesterday! Where to they all come from??? Spay and neuter your pets! 08-29-2014
userImage Marie Gu...
I posted a comment a couple days ago, but it doesn't show and no one has responded. Did it actually post??? 10-09-2013
userImage Kathie W...
Second place!! Hooray! Let's keep it up folks, these pups (and kittens and deer!) need all the help they can get! 09-20-2013
userImage Laura Mayer
woot woot 09-07-2013
userImage Laurel E...
Even though RezQ Dogs has a primary focus of dogs in need, they've never walked away from an animal of any species that was in need of help. They are true heroes in animal rescue. They were completely flooded out in the spring of 2013 but kept rescuing animals even while their own home was lost to the flood. There's a special place in Heaven for people like them. 09-02-2013

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