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John Bartlett asked you to vote to help a shelter
"Help my shelter Purrfect Pals win in the Shelter Challenge!
Click HERE to join (it's free!) and vote every day."
Purrfect Pals 230 McRae Rd NE Arlington , WA , 98223 United States
About Shelter
Thank you for voting for Purrfect Pals in the Shelter Challenge! Founded on the belief that every cat matters, Purrfect Pals is working to end cat homelessness in Puget Sound communities through placement and prevention. There just aren’t enough homes for cats in our area, and we are helping change that. Visit us online for more information! www.purrfectpals.org www.facebook.com/purrfectpals
Team Members
userImage John Bartlett
userImage Jennifer Moore
userImage sarah nice
userImage Camila Damasceno de Andrade
Top Recruiters
userImage John Bartlett 561
userImage Jennifer Moore 5
userImage sarah nice 3
userImage Camila Damasceno de Andrade 3
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Past Contest
Contest Name Contest Type Rank
Doggy Paddle Grand 2
2013 Summer: $100,000 Shelter Challenge Grand 1
User Comments
userImage Brigitte...
Hi Bob, when you see this "Thanks for voting! Please vote again tomorrow" your vote is in. 07-06-2015
userImage Bob Risvold
I've voted 4 days in a row. But I don't know if they were counted. How do I know? Bob 06-29-2015
userImage Karren S...
Done! Thank you for the reminders! 06-29-2014
userImage Laurence...
It's my 70th vote for PP. Thann you PP ans John fort aller you do, bonjour de France 06-29-2014
userImage Derek Holt
yes please vote for Purrfect Pals no matter where you are, John and the people at Purrfect Pals do so much for the animals along with a great webcam that makes not only the animal happy but us too. 05-25-2014
userImage Connie G...
Please vote every day for Purrfect Pals! The grand prize in this round is $10,000 and that sure would buy a lot of kitty food! Thank you! 04-22-2014
userImage Chad Pom...
Are we exempt from the Winter Challenge because we vote every day but never see Purrfect Pals in the standing! 11-21-2013
userImage Brigitte...
Restartet! 3rd place... for now 10-28-2013
userImage Lisa And...
@ Anne Bosche: The voting has ended! :) 10-15-2013
userImage Ann Bosche
Where is the VOTE button? Up until today it was visible and easily found. Now, I sign in and still don't see the purple button. 10-14-2013
userImage Brigitte...
Dear Mrs Cllara, you can go to "current standings" and there you will see all the results : ) Thank you for your support! 10-07-2013
userImage Clara Mo...
userImage Роза Чехова
Голосую за Вас. Желаю победы! 10-04-2013
userImage Anne Mar...
I am going away for a few days and will not be able to vote as we will not have any wiffi access even with my mobile :( 09-30-2013
userImage Lorena R...
I have voted every day but just created my account so even though it look like I've only voted 2 days, I've been supporting FDJ and Purrfect Pals all along. 09-24-2013
userImage Eileen G...
I'm a bit disappointed. I've voted every day since I enrolled in here. I stay logged in and vote every morning at 8 am UK time. Yesterday it showed I had voted on 29 consecutive days. Today it says I have voted 30 times, and 0 consecutive days. I haven't missed and I am disappointed with that, because it just isn't true. 09-18-2013
userImage Janet El...
I have voted every day also, but today was the first day I signed in and created an account. I hope the other votes I placed counted. thanks John, for all you do and the ongoing kitty cam. 09-17-2013
userImage Brigitte...
@Wendy - just tried on Chrome and it worked too, I sent it on my FB. Thank you so much for the idea! 09-07-2013
userImage Wendy Mi...
The Shelter Challenge posted a Recruiting 101 article on how to recruit :) It's pretty simple. You log in then you click Your Totals & Rewards in the upper right area. Once you do that you will see a big Recruit button. When you click on that it will give you about four options to recruit including posting to fb and twitter. When I'm using chrome I don't see those options but I do using Internet Explorer by they way. 09-06-2013
userImage kristen ...
I'm not sure what the "recruiting" is all about. If it has value for the shelter, then I'd like to be listed as one of John's recruits, because I am one . . . John, and Purrfect Pals, should get the credit for his efforts to get me here every day. But how? 09-05-2013
userImage Brigitte...
@Elaine Byrne, do you use CCleaner or something like this? So you can save the cookies for this site and your results will be saved too. You always will be logged in and you are ready to vote immediately. 08-31-2013
userImage Elaine B...
I don't like the new format, either. It's far too cumberson to navigate. The arrow that should link a user to the Shelter Challenge doesn't work. You have to click on the drop down menu to get there. I vote every day, but the counter keeps re-setting every couple of days. I can't figure out how to 'recruit", either! 08-30-2013
userImage Helen Ri...
I don't have any problems with the new setup but I also don't know how you are supposed to recruit people. What's the procedure. I've posted twice on my Facebook page but a friend just said they "liked" the post. What else is someone supposed to do? 08-30-2013
userImage Brigitte...
Sorry, I don't see any of those problems here. If you are registered, it takes just two clicks to votte and you can see your results immediately, When I open my browser, I have seven tabs as start and one of them is thehungersite.com. From there switch to "animals" and there you find the reminder-option. Then I go to vote here. If you want to skip the first two options, why don't you add this site to you startsite? And I think nobody will be hurt if we don't recruit anyone if you don't want to. 08-30-2013
userImage kristen ...
I agree about the clutter. Part of that problem is that I can't find any information about what it even means. If I wanted to recruit . . . how? I vote every day but until today I didn't realize that I'm supposed to sign in first. And even now I have no idea if it really makes any difference to Purrfect Pals whether I sign in or not. I do seem to be getting a daily reminder to vote now. As Elizabeth mentions (above) that's helpful. Too bad it's not obvious how to sign up for that. 08-29-2013
userImage Elizabet...
I really do NOT like this new format. It takes more steps to vote, and I cannot set a daily reminder as I could on earlier versions. The screen is cluttered with extraneous options I do not want; i.e., "Recruit". I don't want to recruit anyone, I'd just like to vote daily! 08-29-2013

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