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Langley Animal Protection Society 26220 - 56th Avenue Aldergrove , BC , V4W1J7 Canada
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By participating in the Shelter Challenge, you have the chance to help provide all of the animals you love and support through grants, pet supplies, and more! All you have to do is vote for us each day, and you can continue to help us find homes for animals in need! Thank you for all your support! 

Note to shelter: Please feel free to edit this description in order to provide more information about your unique organization.

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userImage Shelly Roche
userImage Nancy Wrenshall-Dennie
userImage Shannon Underwood
userImage Mcs Canary
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userImage Shelly Roche 1828
userImage Nancy Wrenshall-Dennie 20
userImage Shannon Underwood 19
userImage Mcs Canary 8
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User Comments
userImage Robin Hart
Thank you TEAM LAPS for your time and dedication to vote each and every day and to share the links to vote with others. Thank Mew so very much for your support, it is very appreciated >^..^< Your official team cheerleader and vote thread creator and motivational leader Canary. And thanks to LAPS ans Shelly for inspiring us to do amazing things <^..^< 08-30-2015
userImage Joanne h...
Voting for Shelly and laps, they are doing a fantastic thing, keep up the good work 08-26-2015
userImage Meeow Meow
all I have ever seen at this shelter is LOVE LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE and my GF and I love it and have donated to it!! we don't have much but the care and attention the animals get there rival any and all that are out there. they are our favorites. but all shelters who try to do the right thing are great in my eyes too. 08-22-2015
userImage Karin Pr...
I am proud to vote for Laps and Shelly and the rest of the awesome folks who do suchwonderful job of helping the kitties and allowing us o view it all!! Thank you!!!!!!! 07-24-2015
userImage Willemij...
❤❤❤❤ Voted ❤❤❤❤ 07-08-2015
userImage Larry Th...
even the comment I made is double and is supposed to say my wife 07-02-2015
userImage Larry Th...
can't get the photo contest to work for me or my husband...we both tried separately to enter with a picture and neither worked/loaded....we are supporters if LAP's and Shelly, they go over and above for the animals. 07-02-2015
userImage Larry Th...
can't get the photo contest to work for me or my husband...we both tried separately to enter with a picture and neither worked/loaded....we are supporters if LAP's and Shelly, they go over and above for the animals. 07-02-2015
userImage Elspeth ...
Voting for LAPS, kitten rescue, no kill and astounding generosity! 06-05-2015
userImage Melissa ...
Voted!!! Voted for shelley and others for all the hard work they do for the innocent forgotten ones. Keep up the great work! Those little lives need you! 06-01-2015
userImage MONA FOX
Shelly of Tiny Kittens is amazing. She reflects hard work, compasson and love for these kitties. LAPS is professional. 05-12-2015
userImage elsa tho...
Shelly does so much for all the ferals and helpless kitties...she is the best! 05-11-2015
userImage Marlene ...
I would also like to give kudos to Dr. Oz and his staff at Rose Valley Vet, they have given treatment to all kinds of animals, the animal comes first not the payment, he has even cared for a fawn among other animals voulenteering his skill and office, they are amazing at Rose Valley, truely a place where your pet comes first. 05-03-2015
userImage Marlene ...
I voted for TRACS in Kelowna and I try to get my community involved through word of mouth and facebook ect., but I am so happy a Canadian shelter so close to home has won!!! Congrats, and you're members should be proud for their dilligence voting everyday!! On to the next challenge starting tomorrow....... 05-03-2015
userImage Ruth Mac...
I've voted for LAPS! Shelley is the best Foster Mom ever! 12-29-2014
userImage Thomas B...
I voted for the Cherryland Humane Society because they do a good job with dogs, and they need the financial help to continue the good work they're doing. 11-29-2014
userImage Tracey King
I voted for Laps because the work they do is so amazing and deserves all the funding in the world. Shelly is such a remarkable human being and the amount of work that Shelly has done for Dorothy and her little ones physically made me cry. Shelly is a true hero! 11-21-2014
userImage Kelly Coyne
I voted for your shelter. Because Shelly you are doing a wonderful job with Dorothy and her kittens, especially Munchkin, Henry, Marvel and the rest of the kittens. I am getting bits and pieces of the rest of the names for the kittens on the chat board. Dorothy looks good. Thanks Shelly!!! 11-19-2014
userImage Maureen ...
Voting in support of Shelly & Tiny Kittens (& LAPS)! Hail Dorothy! 11-19-2014
userImage LaDonna ...
Thank you LAPS for supporting Kitten Rescue in the last challenge. I support KR normally but I have switched to LAPS and I am now supporting you. You do good work also. Thanks Again and good luck this time. We from KR are cheering for you. 10-29-2014
userImage Katie Cl...
Mimi Poon Fear, thank you Kitten Rescue LA for your much appreciated support! 10-28-2014
userImage Mimi Poo...
Hello LAPS! Thanks for supporting Kitten Rescue L.A. I'm happy to return the favor by voting for you! 10-24-2014
userImage Caitlin ...
Signed up and voted! Rooting for LAPS, and will vote as much as I can. Keep up the good work. 10-23-2014
userImage Angela K...
Also signed up, and voted. :D 10-18-2014
userImage Simonett...
registered and voted! 10-15-2014
userImage Susan An...
LAPS friends, we're starting to gain some ground! Let's VOTE VOTE VOTE! 08-28-2014
userImage Heather ...
Members and supporters of LAPS, let's remember to vote every day! 08-15-2014
userImage Katie Cl...
We're #1 in the Canadian tallies at 12.68% of the vote, but Greyhaven is coming up RAPIDLY. Today they have 12.44% of the votes. I brought 3 more today, with one pending, possibly 2. We need more voters! 07-21-2014
userImage Brigitte...
Hi again! You know, this is not fair! I just saw your stories for the new contest starting saturday and don't know which one to pick. I'm between the "new mommy" and "Herman and his teddy bear". Could I vote for both? Please ^_^ with sugar on top? 03-18-2014
userImage Vivien Wass
Briggitte, hello from Newfoundland, Canada! I'm sure you're right about the "teams". I've been encouraging people here to vote for LAPS, as our own group was just too small to get anywhere. I was so hoping that LAPS would win this time, but at least they'll get 2nd prize. Blind Cat Rescue, which is in 1st place, is a wonderful group too, and I'm sure will use their prize money well. 03-09-2014
userImage Brigitte...
Ms. Vivien, I think it is sort of "teaming up" what is going on. Same as here where several canadian shelters are voting for one, so do the americans. It's not your "fault" and I'm sure you wll get some good price too. Greetings from Italy! 03-06-2014
userImage Vivien Wass
I've noticed that LAPS is falling further behind. Just wondering if there's anything we can do to increase votes. Has anyone contacted the other Canadian groups to ask for their support? I'd love to see you guys win this. 03-02-2014
userImage Mcs Canary
LIttle Mittens TEAM LAPS had already decided that if you had story that made the finals in the contest that we would most certainly put our power of the paw votes towards helping you win. We love you and are more than happy to help. We so appreciate your votes for us in the main challenge too. Congrats on winning the celebrate Love story contest ♥ (canary uncaged) The official cheerleader for TEAM LAPS 02-23-2014
userImage Karen Ayers
Thanks for your help in the story contest :). We keep sharing and asking our supporters to vote for you. I wish we had more people to offer. Happy Valentine's Day! 02-14-2014
userImage Dorothy ...
Ok, it seems that they have fixed the contest and HOW TO GET YOUR MOJO BACK, our story is in! Please help us out by voting for us daily. We are continuing to vote for Langley overall. Let's both win! :) 02-11-2014
userImage Dorothy ...
Thanks Janice! I thought it was weird there are only 2 stories out of hundreds chosen to vote on. I thought there was a first, second and third prize? :/ 02-10-2014
userImage janice v...
That's unfortunate! Keep us updated on any contests that we can vote for you! :) 02-10-2014
userImage Karen Ayers
Unfortunately, our story did not make the voting round. They only picked TWO to vote on?! Thanks anyways :(. We will keep voting for you overall. 02-08-2014
userImage Karen Ayers
Hi Langley friends! Sorry if I confused anyone. The story contest voting starts tomorrow Saturday Feb. 8th-16th. Our story is called HOW TO GET YOUR MOJO BACK. We are so grateful for your support. Going to rally the troops again for you guys. If all the Canadians get together, we may be able to get you back in the #1 spot! Best of luck, Karen and the Little Mittens Rescue team :) 02-07-2014
userImage Janet Ja...
Karen from Little Mittens, thank you for your support, of Langley, I will look for your story. The Love Story contest is still collecting submissions and they have not yet chosen the lead runners to offer to us voters. I think voting starts around Feb.8th or so. 02-05-2014
userImage Debbie T...
Vivien, what a lovely thing to do. Thank you. 02-05-2014
userImage Tina Jensen
To Vivien and all the supporters of Heavenly Creatures, thank you so much for the added support! I am a staff member of LAPS and having been a part of the organization for over three years now, I can guarantee that if we do win, the money will go to extremely good use. Thanks again, the help is much, much appreciated. 02-04-2014
userImage Vivien Wass
Just wanted to let you know that supporters of Heavenly Creatures in St. John's are now voting for LAPS. There was no way we could win in the Canadian provinces contest, as you are so far ahead, so I asked our members to switch to your group. We'd love to see a Canadian rescue win the grand prize. Good luck! 02-04-2014
userImage Debbie T...
Janice and Karen, I don't see any way to vote, and I tried in 3 different browsers just in case Firefox was playing up. I wonder if we have to wait until all the stories are in? Karen, thank you and everyone from Little Mittens for helping LAPS. 01-30-2014
userImage janice v...
Hi Karen from Little Mittens, when I search your shelter It shows I've already voted today (for LAPS). I cannot seem to find a place to vote for you in the story contest. Any ideas :)? Thanks. Maybe a direct link? Thanks for helping our furry little babies :) 01-29-2014
userImage Karen Wi...
Hi Langley friends! Karen from Little Mittens in Golden checking in. We have been voting faithfully for you in the overall category. Can you help us by voting for us in the story contest? I just posted our rescue story called "How to Get Your Mojo Back". It is a true and heartwarming story of how we reunited a cat that a family thought was gone forever with his family :). Thanks so much! 01-27-2014
userImage just sean
Nash, what do you mean? 01-19-2014
userImage Debra Lo...
Nash your nuts there is no inappropriate anything done to these kittens 01-18-2014
userImage Florence...
Thank you for your kind words, Cherie! Much appreciated! 01-10-2014
userImage Cherie Nutt
Those comments are just worthless garbage from someone who has nothing better to do with their time than be a "Troll"! Not really even worth the read or reaction!!! Excellent job LAPS and all who make the time and effort to help! 01-10-2014
userImage Florence...
@Becky..you should have seen the 8 orphans when they came into the Shelter...they were left in a field in freezing weather..so the one I was trying to get formula into could not suckle so I had to drip the milk into his mouth. The employees of LAPS took the babies home and fed them every 2 1/2 hours throughout the night even though they had worked a full shift that day; then they worked the following day as well and took them home again that night. Exceptional, kind people!! 12-22-2013
userImage Florence...
Thank you for your kind words, Becky! I'm a volunteer at LAPS and love the way they are with the animals. So kind, dedicated and every animal is treated as if it is their own. Extremely well operated organization where the animals health and welfare come first. I'm very proud to be a member! 12-22-2013
userImage Becky Fi...
I am not from your area. I love in North NJ but I have joined your f/b page and have signed in to your live stream. I truly LOVE the way the animals are kept. They look happy and very healthy. I am so inlove with Timber the mommy German Shepard who had 2 litters of her own and adopted 8 others from a different breed. The way your shelter is caring for them is astonishing! I truly enjoy watching them. It excites and makes me smile each time I do. I voted for LAPS and pray for you all! <3God bless 12-18-2013
userImage Deborah ...
I am so glad to hear that LAPS is such a great place! Wish I could say the same for the one here. On FB, we have a page full of horrific stories & are working to get rid of the "powers that be" here. The page is "Stop the Humane Society of Fremont County". Would love the support! I wish that all shelters were as great as LAPS!!! Thanks so much for being there! 12-14-2013
userImage grace ho...
Nash, you're either just a troll having your jollies, or you are just ignorant and don't know what you are talking about. Either way, you should be ashamed of yourself for making false, inflammatory statements against LAPS. 11-26-2013
userImage Beth Tatum
Just a simple question Nash: What are you talking about-"inappropiate actions to infant animals", what does that even mean? I live in the US, but from watching the Kitty Cam from Shelley's house, I've seen nothing inappropiate, they all receive the best possible care I can imagine, especially this last group, the Jungle Kittens. They were very sick when brought in and have been nursed back to health with the utmost care and love. If you are trying to stir up trouble, go someplace else please. 11-20-2013
userImage Brandy R...
I volunteer at LAPS and enjoy walking all the dogs.The staff and volunteers are a wonderful and caring group of people. This is the best shelter operation I have seen and full credit goes to Sean & Jayne for excellent management! I have never seen or heard of any "inappropriate actions" I think Nash has mistaken LAPS with some other shelter. 11-19-2013
userImage Jackie M...
I've volunteered at shelters and when travelling can't help but visit them if they are nearby to see how they run things. LAPS is a fabulous clean and well organized shelter. They have enrichment activities for the animals in there and from what I see, amazing volunteers and staff. Our dog came from there - he has a medical issue but was given the same chance as any others, and the fact they use trainers to ensure the success of adoption is fantastic. The cat rooms are amazing, too. 11-19-2013
userImage donna linke
I have been a volunteer at LAPS for over 9 years. The staff is wonderful! They obviously love all the cats and dogs and treat them with gentle caring. They often take the dogs and cats home and they take the dogs for hikes-all on their own time. I choose to go there most days-it is a happy place to be. 11-19-2013
userImage Lisa Lam...
While I vote for LAPS it doesn't matter to me who wins because at the end of the day a shelter that needs money is going to get it and hundreds of animals will be saved and that's a win. Nash - Why resort to false claims and blasting a shelter you clearly have never been too and don't know? 11-19-2013
userImage Stacey K...
LAPS is a fantastic organization that treats all of their animals with the utmost care and love. Good luck to LAPS in this challenge. Vote vote vote! They deserve it :-) 11-18-2013
userImage Florence...
@Nash..you have made a serious allegation against LAPS..the onus is on you to provide proof! So please provide this! If you are unable to do that, then remove your statement from this page asap! There can be serious consequence for false defamation! 11-18-2013
userImage Florence...
I am a volunteer for the Langley Animal Protection Society and this Shelter is of the highest quality!! I have witnessed this Shelter going to extremes to save the lives of animals, many of which would have been put down at other Shelters! There are over 300 loyal, dedicated volunteers at this Shelter that operates with high standards! Highly respected in the community! Nash Milani must belong to one of the lower quality Shelters and is trying to win by discrediting others!! Shame on you, Nash 11-18-2013
userImage Zoeann P...
I cannot even imagine "inappropriate" actions to animals from anyone at this shelter! The shelter, the foster volunteers and the vet practices connected with this group are the most loving and selfless animal protectors I have ever seen. While everyone has a right to an opinion, I find it offensive that anyone would make such an unfounded comment. 11-17-2013
userImage Tristan ...
I agree with you, Dawn. 11-16-2013
userImage Dawn Foyles
really? I find everything that I've seen Shelly do for these kittens and Dr. F and LAPS for the JungleKitties just phenomenal. No 'inappropriate' actions whatsoever! I enjoy watching the cams and am hoping Shelly is feeling better soon so we can get our fix of the JungleKitties! 11-16-2013
userImage Nash Milani
Though this shelter doesn't see wrong in it's inappropriate actions to infant animals, I'm sure it means well. 11-15-2013

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